Comaraderie Among the Right-Leg Injured

A number of years ago, I met Joe. Joe lost his right leg to cancer. When my kids started at their school, we all met John, who lost his right leg in a motorcycle accident. I of course, have my right leg intact though it is charred by burns. Wonder what it is like to realize someone else has a right leg injury? It’s kind of awesome. I became fast friends with both Joe and John, and though others may not always understand, we have 100% rights to joke about our injuries with each other, to share some dark-black humor and deep belly laughs. John regularly tells me, “Your leg is so ugly you should just cut it off.” And I laugh uproariously. Same with Joe. In many ways, I think their injuries are worse than mine. They grew up with their right legs and lost them as adults. For me, the way my leg is, is mostly all I’ve known since age 2.


  1. After hearing all these stories, I feel inspired. Uncle Jim — maybe its time to bring out the ol’ suzuki and take a spin around the track a few times.
    Also i would like to say that when i was go-carting I got in a MAJOR accident with one of the commenters on this post. My insurance still hasn’t paid me back. In case you are wondering, all my limbs are currently intact.


  2. Hey everyone. I have to say I agree with Captain Ahab. More importantly, would you prefer to have a head injury like me? Food for thought on this thanksgiving day.


  3. I don’t understand why you guys are complaining. You could have had your injuries circa my era. And ahar, I did have a peg leg!


  4. I too have suffered trauma in my right leg. While some may claim it looks like a shark bite. In reality, it was the horror (!) of staph infection. While I may still have function, a large chunk is missing. Though I don’t qualify for the parking pass, it is always a visual experience for others while wearing shorts…..but life goes on and I get a lot of mileage out of that shark bite story. Twelve years later….the dislocated ankle and broken ankle from my motorcycle accident provides the so-called “swollen ankle syndrome” and once again…..the right leg. Thinking of all the comments here from my right-leg brethren, I’d really like to meet up with you guys, particularly John, who knows how to really get in a motorcycle accident! Who wants to be my partner in the 3-legged race? C’mon guys.


  5. Humor is needed armor someone once said and I find the jokes more genuine coming from you or John rather than someone with all their limbs intact calling me peg leg.
    I lost my leg 34 years ago when I was 22 years old so I’ve lived longer without it. I think I’m worse off in that I have to rely on a prosthetic to live the life I want.
    I remember watching a show years ago about a group of people with different disabilities climbing a mountain together and when reaching the top the blind person commenting about being better off than the person with one leg. I found that interesting.


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