Why I Want Those 1965-1966 Medical Records

My research thus far has included requesting medical records (from doctors, hospitals and rehab centers in Green Bay), talking with brothers/sisters/relatives, friends of my parents (who died in the 1990s) and even a smattering my own friends about their thoughts, remembrances, perceptions, misconceptions. “Didn’t you get burned on Halloween when the lantern you were carrying dropped and you caught on fire?” one relative queried. “No, not at all,” I responded. And that is the most exasperating thing — trying to prove out what I thought happened with all the other red herrings. This is why I so want to see the 1965 medical records. In my mind, they will confirm the story imprinted on me since youth or they will enlighten me with new information. Thus far, the most complete written record of the story has been found in my blue baby book when my mother wrote out an account of some of the details she chose to share in an eerily upbeat way. I’d like something a little more evidence-based but I understand that may be something that never comes my way. I also understand that whatever I may find may not answer some of the questions I have — like how did I get from home to the hospital? Or, how many “debridement” procedures (peeling off of the dead, burned skin) did I have before the plastic surgeries? My questions do indeed range from the basic to the macabre. Does anyone out there have additional ideas on who, what or where I should invest some of my research efforts?


  1. AoF – Never beign short on ideas. . . I would think neighbors may be a good resource for eye witness accounts (title searches will get you former owner info), or run a search in the local newspaper with a date range for any EMS call reports. Who knows, there may have been a front page article and maybe a follow up article(s) on your progress.

    Alien abduction?


    1. Rob — great ideas. I’ll start with the newspaper archives and see if anything is there. Doing a little research, I learned that universal 911 service didn’t exist until 1968, three years after my accident so there would have been no “fire call” in the local paper. Several relatives also told me it would have been unlikely that my parents called the hospital, because people didn’t do that back then. More likely they would called my pediatrician, put me in a car and met the doctor at the hospital. Different world back then. I’ll still take a look in the newspaper archives and see if anything comes up. As for neighbors, the ones who were there at the time…….dead.


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