About Anne On Fire Blog

When I was two years old, I climbed up the kitchen stove, accidently turned a burner on high and severely burned myself.  All in pursuit of a cracker in a cabinet above the stove.  Now, many years later, I am piecing together what really happened that day and how it changed my life.  I know the end of the story has been incredibly positive and I’d like to share my investigation, my journey if you will, with anyone who would like to come along.

For those who are curious, my ultimate goal is to compile these stories into a book and share with a broader audience.  To learn more about me and what I do, visit my website http://www.annegallagher.com.


  1. Anne:

    I happened upon your blog and it is riveting. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your journey.

    You are an amazing woman!

    All the best,

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