Everyone Has Setbacks

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, adversity finds it way into everyone’s life — with varying degrees of nastiness and of course, opportunity. That’s why I find Roger Ebert‘s story so inspirational. Thyroid and salivary cancer destroyed his ability to speak and still, he found a way awaken his voice.  It is courageous to let life transform us. Read this story from CBS Newshttp://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/01/02/sunday/main7205367.shtml


  1. Todd — the Esquire article is excellent. I’ve followed Ebert more closely since his cancer began because Brian (my husband) went to his doctor (Dr. Harold Pelzer at Northwestern, who is a miracle worker and just a great, normal human being). Before Brian’s surgery and radiation, they said he could lose the ability to talk and eat. Neither happened and you wouldn’t know today that he had the cancer. It’s remarkable to me how customized all of our fires are.


  2. Ebert’s story reminds me of the need to have and express gratitude for the joy, good health and wonderment in our lives. What a humbling story.


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