Messages from the Universe

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Detours, challenges, and crisis, Anne, are simply covers for miracles that had no other way of reaching you.
It’s all good,    

The Universe

Every day I get an inspirational email from the universe.  Seriously, I do.  More often than not, it’s like the “universe” knows just what I’m thinking and just what to send me.  Uncanny it is.  I’d like to think I’m unique but roughly 400,000 people in about 200 countries get these emails too.  You can sign up at and I think it is worth doing.

Here’s another good one from

If I told you there have been no mistakes, that I understand every decision you’ve ever made, and that the challenges you’ve faced, you’ve faced for everyone, would you listen?

If I told you that what you dream of, I dream of for you, that the only things “meant to be” are what you decide upon, and that all that stands between you and the life of your dreams are the thoughts you choose to think, would you try to understand?

And if I told you that you are never alone, that there are angels who sing your name in praise, and that I couldn’t possibly be any more proud of you than I already am, would you believe me?   Would you? Even if I pulled your leg, made you blush, and winked between the lines?
Then I shall…   The Universe


Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings…..

I guess sometimes it takes a few good men to get a strong woman to talk about her feelings. First, one male reader of this blog suggested I write more about my feelings from these experiences. Within days, a second male reader suggested the same thing. Sheesh. They certainly picked up on one of my Achilles heels — feelings are not my favorite category. Here’s why: My mind took over and my feelings froze. My memory is that as I burned on that stove, there was a moment when it no longer hurt and I accepted that I was going to die. I could think clearly but didn’t feel anything anymore. Intellect first, feelings sometime later. Even now, when pain or emotional distress come my way, the pattern returns and I freeze. It makes me adept at “compartmentalizing” those pesky feelings. If and when I’m ready to make sense of the feelings part, I find I can go back hours, days, weeks or months later to open that emotional valise and address it. Or not. There are a lot of theories on delayed reactions like these and I have to work harder-than-the-average bear to connect hurt-to-feel. Anyone else experience something similar?