Too Much Fire

Too Much FireMan plans, God laughs” goes the old Jewish proverb.

It’s nice to know God has a sense of humor.  We make plans.  They don’t always turn out as expected.

There are probably many reasons why I stopped writing the blog about a year ago.   What I know is that I just stopped.  I thought I’d lost the fire.  People asked from time to time.  I didn’t have a good answer.

This week, after much too long a stretch of time, I met with one of those people dearest to me.  We talked about the blog and I gave the “I lost the fire” explanation.

But she saw it differently.  “You stopped because you had too much fire going on,” she said, rolling her eyes a bit at my density.  In consideration of that perspective, I do admit, the flames have been rather high.  That’s why I was thinking in terms of an “inner lack” rather than, well, a raging fire.  She suggested that all would come back as the flames inevitably ran their course.

She made me laugh at myself.  It was laughter suggesting possibility, not mockery. Laughter in the right form — representing joy, creation, love, faith and passion.

I’m not sure of the next plan but I see the fire much more clearly.



  1. Your friend is very insightful! Your fire has been consuming and breath-taking….and now that the flames and smoke have subsided, your ability to take a deep breath and release and relax is back! Yay!! God bless and kisses! Mary


  2. Anne, I found Boys Choir and Music and Literary Society articles, pics and notes dating back to the 70’s. Let me know if you’re interested in seeing them. Ron


  3. Bring on the blaze, Anne. And thanks for the inspiration, always igniting the smoldering ash in my midst, or is that mist?
    “In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.
    It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another
    human being. We should all be thankful for those people
    who rekindle the inner spirit.”
    —Albert Schweitzer


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