What Happens Once in a Blue Moon?

Blue Moon

August 2012’s Blue Moon

Jamie invited the girls over to dinner at her beach house last night and I knew we would talk about everything under the sun.  Among other things Jamie just started her own blog, Under The Dune Moon and finally has a place for all her rants and raves and beach photos.  It’s worth stumbling upon.In any event, I’ve mentioned how I’ve been thinking a lot this week about August’s so-called Blue Moon — the astrological phenomenon where two full moons appear in the same calendar month.  It’s rare but not unusual, happening every couple of years or only about 40 times in a century.August started out with two death events, what with the Toronto road trip for Ann’s mother’s death and my remembrance of my own mother’s death on August 5th, 1996.  I don’t like months to start that way because I’m always waiting for the 3rd event to occur.  It’s the sort of anticipation that makes me feel all nervy.

Throw in this blue moon thing and it seemed to merit a little research, thought and this time, even a poem.  Nothing to me is a coincidence; I believe all events conspire to give us messages, provide meaning and often to spur us on from places where we are stuck.

So what would a blue moon mean and what opportunities lie within it?

Digging around on the Internet, I found some guidance.  It read:

Astrology and the Full Moon

Astrologically the energy of the full moon works to integrate and harmonize the contradictions in the self and others. During a full moon, the seeds sown at the last new moon are ready to be harvested and utilized. Traditionally, the full moon is seen as a time for meditation and particularly for personal issues and global concerns.

During the blue moon this vibration is said to be three-fold. In some cultures the second full moon was considered a very holy and auspicious day. A time when the veil between heaven and earth is thin and the ability to communicate with the gods and goddess is very powerful. It is considered a very spiritually significant time for prayer and meditation going back thousands of years.

Aha!  That thin veil thing again.  It meant that there were signs to come, and I was hoping there would be one for Ann from her mother.  Today she flew down to Florida to begin a family cruise.  When they walked off the airplane, they were greeted by the rainbow posted below.  I’ve had my own rainbow as well and when you need it, it is amazing to see it appear.

I sighed in relief.  Maybe this blue moon had some positive gifts to bear.

Ann's Rainbow

A Rainbow for Ann

If you read about blue moons, there is also some theory that you should focus on your changes — the reference to ‘harmonizing the contradictions in others and self.’  I think I’ll let those evolve on their own this month.  With the blue moon set to arrive on August 31st, I’ll wait for what I think will be its gifts.

Once in a Blue Moon

I live in serendipity

A special community

Where good chance passes through

Just about everything I do.

A glance, a wink, a nod

It really is not so odd.

When you think events conspire

To bring what you desire.

They do.


What does the blue moon mean to you?  Please share.

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