What the Angels Say

While visiting a law firm client, I saw the most fascinating paintings on their walls.  “Tell me about these,” I asked Michael, the founding partner.  “Oh, those are angel paintings,” he said.  “Some are portals and others are just inspired works.  The angel lady does them.  She sees angels and can tell you what they are saying about you.”  I was intrigued and to make the long story short, that’s how I ended up having an appointment with Joanne Macko.

From the moment I entered her house, there was a pervasive energy floating about that made me tingle.  Joanne gave a short tour of her art room before we went to her “healing room”.  There, she had me lay down and for about 45 minutes, I took a nap while she worked her magic.  Sometimes I could hear her talking, other times she seemed to be furiously scribbling down notes, and there were the occasional ringing of bells and placement of oils.  All in all, it was a remarkably cool experience and I must say that am no stranger to metaphysical experiences.  “I feel like I lost 10 pounds,” was the first thing I said to Joanne as we began to discuss the treatment.  “Oh, you did,” she replied with a smile.

Joanne shared a number of fascinating things with me not the least of which was a past life experience that floored me.  She said I had a life in the Cotswolds of England in which my village was taken over in a raid.  As the invaders moved through the area, they torched as many homes as they could including mine.  All my possessions went up in flames.  I too was burned but escaped the house with minor injuries.  More importantly, after the fire, I froze.  I was afraid to move forward and rebuild my life.  The right leg, where my burns from this life live, represents the ability to move forward Joanne told me.  During my “nap” on her table, she saw the cellular memory from the past life had rested in my right leg and she and the angels released it.  “Move forward now,” she said.

You may or may  not believe in angels or any person’s ability to work with them.  You may or may not believe in past lives.  It’s edgy stuff for some.  For Joanne, the angels changed her life.  She had a near death experience and heard from them directly, then saw them guide her life.  She was a top-ranked USTA doubles champion and quit.  She painted sweet tableaux of New England charm.  She quit that too.  Now, she sees her life’s work as helping people hear from the angels and painting the scenes they show her (www.angelic-art.com).  Joanne also doesn’t advertise and sees all her clients by referral, just as I came to see her.  In the past 10 years, thousands of people have visited her Naperville home.  And that’s what the angels said.


  1. Hey, the first thing I thought of was Archangel Michael when I read about the painting. I’m a closeted Doreen Virture fan and have had enough experiences to be a cautious believer (as you know). I do believe some people are gifted and others aren’t and that people are put on our path for a reason. What a great experience you had with someone how is gifted! I think it’s really exciting to see how many people keep showing up to give you the key!


  2. It is indeed tough to swallow this type of stuff, but in a book I’m writing about my wife and my experience visiting and living in Costa Rica, we also stayed at a bed and breakfast where the owner was an “angel seer.” We were skeptical at first, but after we got home from the trip on which we had made her acquaintance, she made a coupla far-fetched prognostications that happened within a few weeks like she said. She had also commented on my wife’s past lives as a male that made a ton of sense to her character without knowing her for more than 10 minutes. There’s something to this, but it’s, of course really difficult to hang your hat on it in how you lead your life, nor might it be advisable to do so. Or might it?


    1. Glen — you are voicing the skepticism of a whole lot of people and it’s valuable to hear it! Your “angel seer” experience makes it more real though — these things are there if we are open to them. If I didn’t have my experience directly, I might feel the same skeptical way as a lot of people would. Just to voice it, makes me wonder if I might be considered a nut. If I am going to be true to the telling of my story, it’s something that has to be included, even if it’s a little ‘woo woo’. As far as hat hanging and life, it’s probably important to take in all the things that come your way whether they are arguments with your spouse or angels from on high……and learn from them in whatever way we are supposed to. I wouldn’t rely 100% on any one thing in life but I’ll take all the help I can get from the various sources that come my way. Wouldn’t you? Aren’t you?


  3. Anne love this! I believe. Wish more people did. So glad you found comfort and healing. And, love that a law firm has Angel Lady paintings. That is comfort in and of itself. Love to you darlin’!


  4. What a fabulous experience, Anne. It confirms what you have stated from the beginning. You have been moving forward from your childhood burn experience your whole life. This seems to be a wonderful bonus extending the release at an even a deeper cellular level. What a coincidence!


  5. Your curiosity has made you an incredibly observant person. As a result, it seems that you are living a very full life, regardless of what may seem like setbacks you have faced.


  6. @Maria — all these things have the potential to be “free-ing” I think, though you can never predict what you are going to get! When I think about your experience with Joanne, I think the purging of negative energy was the most powerful for you…..and also the least expected. Yes?


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