Meaning in the Limbs

Depending on your spiritual orientation, you might see meaning in everything, nothing or a smattering of things of your choosing.  I tend to see meaning in nearly everything.  That doesn’t mean I agree with everything whole cloth however.  You have to take what works for you and discard the rest.  As I thought about this, Louise Hay‘s Heal Your Life yellow book caught my eye perched on the bookshelf as it was.  Ah yes, I thought, Louise Hay believes that dis-ease is the result of our mental patterns.  “I believe we live in a ‘yes’ Universe.  No matter what we choose to believe or think, the Universe always says ‘yes’ to us.  If we think poverty, the Universe says yes to that.  If we think prosperity, the Universe says yes to that,” she writes, explaining how we are co-creators of our own reality.  I thumbed through the book again, drawn toward her list of life’s problems and their probable mental cause.  “Leg(s),” it read.  “Probably Cause:  Carries us through life.  New Thought Pattern:  Life is for me.”

I never thought life was against me at any time.  But I could certainly affirm more often I guess that “life is for me.”  Simple. 

Many years ago, I went to a psychic with a couple of girlfriends.  I didn’t have a burning question at the time but I did ask, “What lessons should I have learned from burning my leg?”  “There are some,” the psychic replied, “such as personal humility and compassion for others.  But have you come to understand that the accident did not happen for your purposes?  The accident was for your mother and the lessons she had to learn in her life.”

I was stunned.  In all the years since the accident, I had never thought there might be a message or learning for anyone else than me.

And that’s what I mean about meaning.  There are so many ways to look at nearly everything (if you are interested in the exploration of course).  What it has meant for me ever since that day is that I look for meaning in different ways and different levels.  More importantly, every time I think I’m just doing things for my independent self, I have to remember how inter-connected we all are.


  1. Timely topic for me as I woke up a week or so ago and realized that whereas I usually classify myself as an optimistic dreamer, for whatever reason I have accumulated this negative sludge in my head over time, that could do nothing but be at least somewhat self-defeating.

    The sages say that positive thought is essential, and for certain, I try to go down that road more often than not–case in point, I am definitely implementing a conscious shift to go in that direction again. What I hear inside me, however, is my ego trying to balance the potential disappointment inherent in forming an expectation for a positive outcome and just thinking positively and trusting in the fact that that’s what’s needed to get you to where you need to go.

    That tendency to protect ourselves is quite a governor on the concept of positive thought.


    1. @Glen, I so know what you mean. Ego is always trying to edit me and limit my creativity. Getting out of my head, so to speak, is the best anecdote. I find if I move, the energy shifts and the negativity can be kept at bay.


    1. @MJ — that means a great deal to me since many days I’m not sure if “my story” resonates with other people, which is something I want it to do. Open to ideas on other posts! Thank you!


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