That Baby Book Again on My Birthday December 8th

Now that I am a regular reader of my own baby book, I thought I would share this entry from my mother on December 8th, my birthday, the year of the burn, “Anne spent her 2nd birthday in St . Vincent’s Hospital. We didn’t recall to her it was her birthday, but every few days took a gift up for her.” It’s unclear whether I spent my 2nd birthday or my 3rd birthday in the hospital — my mother’s entries had some inconsistencies on the years. It’s understandable of course, the woman was going through some rather traumatic stress in her own right. When I think about this, I might have done exactly the same thing with my small child if faced with a similar situation. I mean, why remind them of something they probably wouldn’t understand anyway. In any event, happy birthday to me. How would you handle a situation like this with a 2- or 3-year old?


  1. Glen and Maria — I agree that there certainly was a dilemma and thinking about it, I really don’t know what the right answer would have been. In retrospect, my heart goes out to my mother and I think I feel worse for her having to make a decision than I do for whatever it may have been. This experience continues to make me more compassionate for others. I’ll add that my experience is that it is always more difficult for the caregiver than the one needing care. Anyone have any opinions on that?


  2. Very touching dilemma! Can’t imagine what your mom might have been going through. Not having kids of my own, I’ll assume that they might be too young to have the capacity to feel sorry for themselves at 2. So I think I would have brought it up. Maybe a 2 year old would have gotten a bit excited that it was her birthday to counterbalance the circumstances.


  3. I don’t think that I would of ever even made any entries into my child’s baby book if I was going through that. Perhaps your mom used a journal and that helped her stay focus on filling out that book. My poor children have empty baby books! I am sure your mom felt very guilty and especially more so on your birthday. I don’t think I would have made a big deal about the day except for the gifts and maybe balloons. Also depends where you were in your recovery.


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