What’s Your Fire?

The other night a friend, Kay, who has been reading this blog told me her own story. At 4, she was involved in an accident that left her back and neck burned with collateral damage to her ear. It had all the clear markings of a very bad burn. Yet she didn’t know the details of the accident. When she asks her dad, “What happened?”, she is referred to her mother. When she asks her mother, the story she’s told doesn’t add up. So she’s left in a quandary of sorts but has found a way to make peace with it. Being of the spiritual mindset, Kay believes everything happens for a reason and the resolution we DON’T find in this life carries with us to the next — call it karma, call it reincarnation, call it the law of cause-and-effect — we choose to let history repeat itself until we address it. That’s great motivation to explore the fires that rage within us and can counter the nagging downside risk, “What’s the worst thing I can find out?” What’s your fire?


  1. I think the “fires” are the negative thoughts in our minds that seem to defeat us at times. I need to remind myself to grab the hose and douse them away! As for karma, I am a believer. What we do not learn in this life will present itself in the next one.


  2. What starts anyone’s efforts to explore these fires? I’m very curious at how individuals decide — “okay, I’m going to do it and make peace with it”. Anyone have any thoughts?


  3. Wow. You are creating a ” platform ” here, Gallagher. I will say this : NOT all scars are visible. I did have to explore my ” fire” within to come at peace with my childhood with an alcoholic parent. I hope your friend Kay decides to take the same path as you and find out ” what really happened ?”


  4. I can totally align with Kay’s feelings about Karma. But in addition I think facing one’s life “fires” can be a very cathartic and cleansing experience. My fires took a lot of water to quench. Little flair ups still occur but at least I can find the hose these days.


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